How and where can I order my Le Pera seat?

• You can order your seats directly through your local dealer. Most dealers don't carry too much in stock because there are so many different styles of seats and bikes, however, they can usually help you find what you are looking for.

• If you don't have a local dealer, you can order the seats directly through us via E-mail or by phone.

What is the difference between Bare Bones and Silhouette?

• The Bare Bones is a bit thinner and narrower than the Silhouette.

• The Bare Bones has a little less padding in the back support than the Silhouette.

• The Bare Bones is one of the thinnest lowest sleekest seats we make.

• The Bare Bones has a more aggressive minimal design.

• The Silhouette has a countered flowing design.

• They are both designed to give your bike the ultimate sleek look, because of this, they aren't as comfy as let's say a Silhouette Deluxe or our other seats with more padding. The Bare Bones and Silhouette are basically designed for around town, bar hopping rides. People do ride longer distances on these seats; however, they are mostly designed for around town short distance rides.

Should I get the Biker Gel in my seat?

• The Biker Gel cuts down on vibration and fatigue, it will allow you to go longer distances; however, it does make the seat firmer.

• If you like a firmer more supportive ride, we would recommend the Biker Gel, if you want a softer ride, we would recommend our standard medium density foam.

Do LePera seats come standard with Biker Gel?

• NO. Biker Gel is an option that is available in most seat styles.

Will the Biker Gel leak, freeze or melt?

• NO. Biker Gel will not.

Will adding the Gel option change the overall dimension of the seat?

• Nope! Since Gel is added to the base of the foam during the manufacturing process, it will NOT change the dimensions of a seat. There are no dimensional differences between a seat made with or without Gel.

What is the difference between the Maverick and the Sorrento?

• The Maverick is a thicker, wider seat for both the driver and the passenger.

• The Maverick also provides more back support than the Sorrento.

• The Sorrento is a fusion between the Maverick and the Silhouette. It is not as thick and wide as the Maverick; however, it is still a good cruiser seat.

• Both the Maverick and Sorrento will sit you lower than the stock seat.

• If you are over 6' check out the Maverick Daddy Long Legs, it will sit you 2" further than our standard Maverick.

Does LePera offer pillion pad suction cups?

• No. We do not offer pillion pads with suction cups.

Can any seat be made with a backrest?

• No, only seats seen with the backrest option are available with them.

Can we add a backrest to seats made without a backrest?

• No, we recommend trying to sell the seat you have without a backrest and purchasing a new seat with one.

Are all of our seats leather?

• No, all seats seen on our website are made with vinyl (unless stated otherwise).

• Leather is an option for any seat and is considered a premium upgrade, so depending on the size of seat you want will depend on the price. Email or call us for more information.

Do we have a showroom?

• We do not have an actual showroom but if you want to come by and take a look at some seats, you can call for an appointment. We usually need about 3-4 days’ notice to make up the seats for you to look at. Most of our seats are made to order so we don’t keep too much in stock.

• In short; No, but if you want to drop by and pick up some stickers, apparel, or check out some material samples everyone is always welcome. Our office staff is quite limited so we highly recommend calling ahead to let us know when you want to come down.

• If you wanted to maybe try a seat out you would have to call and schedule an appointment for a fit specialist to help you further. Since 99% of our seats are made to order, we would have to make something for you to try.

Do we ship internationally?

• You bet your Butt we do! Since the cost of shipping internationally is so high, we HIGHLY recommend you reach out to a local dealer in your area. (Check out the Contact US tab and click the how to order to find your nearest dealer).

Can we make a special seat for your custom bike or change the dimensions of our seats?

• No, if it isn’t something we offer on the website for your bike we cannot create it for you. This is because our seats are molded and not sculpted. Since we don’t have a mold for the seat, we wouldn’t be able to make it for you.

• In short; if it isn’t on the page listed for all seats that fit your bike, we can’t make it. That means all you Softail owners trying to put a Rigid style king/queen seat on your bike, we aren’t saying its impossible, but we are saying we cannot make special accommodations for specialty requests.

How do we ship?

• UPS for domestic (48 state) (Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii will ship USPS).

• USPS for ALL internationals.

Do we have seats in stock ready to ship?

• It depends, there are times when we may have seats in stock, please call or email us to find out if we have anything for your bike on hand.

• 99% of the time seats are made to order, so please don’t be discouraged if we do not have it in stock. It’s worth the wait! Place your order now and get it in just a few weeks.

Is shipping free if you order through us?

• No, we do not offer free shipping. There are many dealers that do offer free shipping and great deals. We don’t offer discounts on our seats as we are trying to help the brick-and-mortar dealers stay in business.

What are your business hours?

• We are open 8:00AM-4:00PM pacific standard time. If you have any questions you would like to ask please e-mail them to us at

What is our return policy?

• If ordered DIRECTLY through LePera there is a 30-day return policy on our standard seats. There are no returns on custom seats. For the standard seats, we do not mind that you mount or ride the seat but we do ask that it be in perfect condition otherwise you may incur repair fees. If the seat is simply returned, there is a 15% restocking. If you do an exchange for a different seat, there is no restocking fee. You are just responsible for shipping each way.

• Seat usage: Warranty is voided if the seat has been misused, abused, or not used for its intended purposes. Our seats are only intended for motorcycle riding on two wheels. It is encouraged for you to check the fitment of your seat before each ride. You should make sure the seat is secure and bolted down properly. We do not encourage you to Velcro your seat to your bike. All LePera seats are made to be bolted to your bike like stock.

How do our seats hold up in water?

• Like most aftermarket seats, our seats are not waterproof. Our covers are stitched, not molded plastic like some OEM seats, so water may leak through the stitching. You can prevent the seat from retaining water by either using a rain cover when needed, we carry them here for $26 or we can add a stitch sealant to the cover for $25 additional. The stitch sealant will not make the seat waterproof but it will make it much more water resistant. The rain cover provides the best protection.

Do we offer a Daddy Long Legs Solo Seat?

• We do not offer any Daddy Long Leg or extended versions of our solo seats. The only alternative we would suggest is something like a cobra or king cobra which would allow you to sit a little further back. Since it does not have any type of lower back support, it would allow you to have a variety of riding positions.

How do you try a seat before you buy it?

• We recommend reaching out to a local dealer or shop to see if they might have something in stock, or could possibly get for you to try.

• If you are looking to get a custom seat, we do offer a program where you can try the seat first. Basically, we charge a deposit of the base price of the seat, a $25 labor fee and shipping and send you the seat without a cover applied. You can mount and ride the foam & base like a normal seat, it will just look a little funny. Check out how you like the comfort, seating position, size, etc. It if works send it back and we will cover as you request. If not, we can either swap it for another seat or take it back. The deposit is fully refundable. The $25 labor fee and shipping are not refundable.

Are seats for different model families interchangeable?

• No, for example; a seat made for a Sportster will NOT fit a Dyna, FXR, Softail, or Bagger. Since it is designed for a Sportster within a fitment year it will ONLY fit the Sportster models within that year bracket.

• We do not sell kits or have any recommendations for modifications to make a seat that is not intended for use on your model to fit.

Can our seats be used on non-Harley Davidson model frames?

• No, we carefully craft each seat to fit the OEM Harley Davidson frames. Although it may be possible (your fabrication skills not doubted) to make it fit, any changes or modifications made to a seat will void the warranty since it will be used outside its intended purpose on a bike outside of its fitment acceptance.

Will our seats make you look cool?

• Heck yeah!